The solar eclipse takes place on 8th April 2024 in the portion of space known as Revati in the last degrees of Pisces. The eclipse energy has been around for several weeks. This new Moon in Pisces signals the beginning of a new Vedic Sidereal New Year and so the energy and tone of this time will set the theme for the months ahead.

The eclipse energy can be unsettling as the influence of the karmic nodes creates confusion, separation and illusion. The eclipse energy falls along the 6th and 12th house axis which carries with it a sense of release from duty and hard work and movement towards greater freedom and transformation.

Venus, which is exalted in Pisces, forms one of the stellium of planets and its influence is one of comfort, indulgence, happiness, diplomacy and pleasure.

The karma control planets are Jupiter and Mercury which are both in Aries, ruled by Mars. Mercury, the planet of technology and communications is weak, in a retrograde state and in gandanta which, when combined with Uranus in Krittika, the sharp nakshatra for cutting and releasing, may result in sudden, unexpected and/or dangerous events concerning technology/ communications with no reason or logic.

There may be a re-visit to past events/ feelings which cause a trigger within us. This will help us address old patterns of behaviour and let them go.e re-visit to past events/ feelings that cause a trigger with

The planet of wisdom, teachings and expansion, Jupiter, is in Aries and located in Bharani nakshatra and this concerns female reproduction issues and creativity. There may be a re-visit of issues concerning female rights and female reproductive right, abortion, women as mothers or issues of that nature particularly in relation to Libra, the sign of relationship, connection, social acceptance.

Mars is aspecting Leo, the sign of leaders and the pressure of Saturn here, may cause upheaval in community and organisations and sudden changes in leadership. Saturn may also influence Jupiter in Aries in the spread of fear created by religious fundamentalism and bigotry.  Pluto in Capricorn may influence stability in markets, particularly given the stellium of planets in Pisces.

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