The Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on 21st June 2024. The next fortnight is the time to deconstruct and release as the Moon naturally wanes. This is a deeply karmic Moon as it is located at the very heart of the Solar System in the Nakshatra of Mula located within Orion’s Belt.

Mula mean the core or root and is ruled by the northern karmic node, Ketu. This is a time of pruning away old roots to make space for new support in your evolutionary development and eventual self-realization. The Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun opposite in Gemini in the Nakshatra of Ardra, ruled by the southern karmic node, Rahu. Ardra means the wet one and is symbolised by a tear, a tear of effort or loss as it supports dissoloution and the resilience to endure.

There is opportunity for mutual destruction of past karmic patterns and forward-moving karma.  This is supported by the deities of both these Nakshatra. This annihilation enables the creation of new ways of being, built from the rubble left behind by the fusion of Fire and Air, passion ignites decisive action. Ardra has an insatiable urge to create.

This is a moment of profound learning and wisdom supported by curious Mercury-ruled Gemini and the guru, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius in the natural ninth house of teachings. Be cautious of extreme beliefs or dogma leading you off your path and try to maintain the non-judgmental and inquisitive nature of Mercury as you forge new paths into the upturn of consciousness. Be aware of self-destructive tendencies and the suffering created by overwhelming desires which may be favoured at the moment. Shift your gaze skyward in favour of loftier aspirations.

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Remember what you sow, you will reap.

You are not alone, you never have been – the Universe has your back😊