The waxing Moon is bringing a rare and wonderful cosmic energy to the Earth with a number of planetary conjunctions of note. The full Moon takes place on the 24th April at 00:48 in Ireland in sociable Libra within the Nakshatra of Swati ruled by Vayu, the God of the winds and breath of new life.

The Sun is exalted in in Aries and the Moon will be reflecting this positive energy in the state of mind, with a particularly good vibe for those Leos- life is feeling pretty Okay just now. The rare conjunction of Jupiter, (the planet of expansion, growth, greed, teacher, children and law) with Uranus in Aries may give rise to unexpected and shocking revelations, self-realizations and lessons.

The stellium pf planets in Pisces may bring emotional turmoil particularly as hot-headed Mars conjunct Rahu may cause obsessive frustrations to bubble over. Remember Mars at it optimum needs to be active on task. Venus is having a moment of elevation and creativity, energy surges and the joy of living returns with the finer weather.

Mercury, the planet of communication and technology is experiencing challenges as it’s debilitated, and in gandanta. This can cause electronic paraphernalia to go wallop, misunderstandings and overreaction.  If you feel like no one understands you, give things a few days until Mercury is going direct and moved into Aries.

With the intensity of power in this stellium in Pisces, be wary of sudden mishaps, particularly concerning the lower legs or feet. Try to stay grounded as all around is in a state of flux.

Swati is symbolized by a sword and is ruled by Rahu. It helps to cut away or cut through obstacles to our personal advancement and any self-realization or revelation will support our desire and determination to succeed. It will be integrated and grounded into our reality as we must take responsibility for our actions in life. The outcome may be an unexpected change in direction in some aspect of your personal life.

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