The full Moon (Purnima) occurs at 8 degrees of Scorpio in the nakshatra (or portion of space) called Anuradha. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars. Scorpio is the natural eighth sign of the Sidereal zodiac, which concerns life’s ups and downs, losses and disruptions. It can bring to the surface an interest in the occult too.

Anuradha is related to Radha, the most devotional follower of Krishna and is symbolised with a lotus flower which grows from the sediment and mud of the dregs of life and blossoms into its full potential in the light of the Sun. The muddy growing medium is provided by Saturn which can be frustrating to the child-like energy of Mars, creating a feeling of anguish, intensity and dissatisfaction, particularly in issues relating to fairness and community well-being, where Saturn is currently sitting in Aquarius and may be causing karmic restrictions. But Mars lends courage and motivation to push through challenges and the best way to do that is utilising the qualities of the Sun just now…

The full Moon reflects the light of the Sun which is located in Krittika nakshatra in Taurus with a combust Jupiter and Venus. The Full Moon symbolises the mind, which is exalted in Taurus and illumined by the light of the Sun at this time. Krittika is symbolised by a blade which allows us to pierce through challenges that arise. This blade is at our disposal but you must get clear on what you are devoted to, what are you committed to? Bring this to the front of your mind and let it keep the internal flame of hope burning through rising challenges. This is a period of growth and revelation.

The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and there may be unexpected events arising which are out of your control and may play on your mind with more intensity at this time. Again, focus on what sustains you by renewing your devotional practice and working towards your commitments. Spiritual and mindfullness practices can be so supportive at this time such as mantra, gratitude and meditation but simply enjoying earthly pleasures through the senses can be deeply nourishing and can be used to ground and sustain you in the coming weeks. The use of therapeutic sound healing can re-tune and entrain you to a place of peace and comfort when the boat is rocked…;)

As above- So below

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