The New Moon brings with it a new cosmological theme for the following weeks. It occurs in Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus, the natural second house of the Zodiac. It’s accompanied by a stellium of planets all of which are feeling the combustion of the Sun, creating a lot of heat, particularly affecting labourers and those workers outside. Taurus is an Earthy sign, ruled by Venus and represents our values, good times, stability, food and the economy.

As the Sun has Venus, the planet of diplomacy, our agreements and good times in combustion, we may see a rise in intensity of relationship and passionate activity through the mind and emotions may come to the fore, leading to a little burn-out so finding balance through self-care and rest is so important just now.

The Moon, represents the mind and is in Mooltrikona in Taurus feeling secure and stable. The Moon rules Rohini, in Vedic mythology, it’s favourite wife of the 27 Nakshatras, who was celebrated for her beauty and femininity but endured the jealousy of his other wives. She allows the mind to revel in sensuality and become entangled in the comforts of the material plane.

The energy is heated now creating a sometimes obsessive, desirous and roaming action, the weakness in the human condition. Find some balance with your material desires by deciding what you are truly devoted to and honour that.

With the stellium of planets in Taurus, Jupiter is slowly moving out of combustion but challenges of hard work and education are a factor of these times. Mercury, also here in Taurus but moving out of its deep combustion can find communication is heated at times. Mars also feeling the Heat may be susceptible to burn-out and lack of motivation in the individual. This is a time to rest and enjoy the simple pleasures of art, creativity and food where you can.

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