New Moon in Capricorn 9 February 2024

The New Moon takes place in the Nakshatra of Dhanishta which supports the shift to our dharmic path, our true nature with stronger confirmation now arising as to the optimal direction for personal development and movement towards self-realization.

Trust your intuition here as you draw your awareness inwards under the darkness of the New Moon you may receive clarity supported by the strong earth element which helps us to materialize our intentions.

Dhanishta encourages us to move to the beat of our own drum and to step into the rhythm of our destiny,

Saturn gives us the focus and diligence to see the work through. Selfless acts of kindness are supported here, putting your ego aside in the assistance of others

The stellium of planets in Capricorn creates a hot-bed of activity in the 10th house of career and leaders where challenging times with opposing ideologies and angry exchanges disturb the natural rhythm through polarization.

Chaos is a natural part of the process of creation enabling coherence at a higher frequency of existence. The higher the stakes the greater the opportunity for growth so step-up and be counted.

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