The forthcoming Super “Blue” full Moon on 31st August at 2:35am aligns with Shatabishak, the star of a hundred healers in Aquarius. This follows a period of opportunity for healing growth and transformation which, at times, may be very challenging particularly given the aspect of Saturn, which can create fear and anxiety but it also gives us an opportunity to really focus and perhaps see what lies beneath some of the karmic matters brought to the surface to heal. The fixed air quality of Aquarius supports this and the power of thought and mindset to heal and transcend challenges.

Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu which is currently in gandanta until November and so the illusory feeling of separation or isolation may be heightened or indeed any obsessive tendencies may be stimulated. There will be a lot of overthinking, given the Air quality of Aquarius and the aspect on retrograde Mercury.  Try to find opportunities to ground and use the Air element to your benefit through breath to truly connect to the flow rather than be buffeted by the winds of change.

The full moon sheds light on matters that help us define and live our truth more closely and perhaps this distance borne by Rahu was what was needed to get a better perspective on what we truly want and release what no longer serves.  This may be unwanted limiting mindsets and patterns of behaviour which keep us in a rut and prevent true healing.  Bhisak can also mean demons and the analogy of letting go of your demons can be used here to understand the energy of this full Moon more clearly. Allow the light from the Moon which is reflecting the soul light of the Sun,  illuminate and guide where you would benefit most from letting -go and allow transformation occur.

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