What are Rahu & Ketu in Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic Astrology, the shadowy Lunar nodes of Rahu and Ketu represent the karmic axis and symbolize two-parts of a demon snake in character. Rahu is akin to the head of a snake with no body. If you think of Pac-man, always hungry and never satisfied. Somewhat obsessed, amplifying energy, Rahu is our forward moving karma and where he is found in your chart, activates karmic lessons associated with that house but Rahu has a slightly illusory quality, making his actions hard to pin down.

Ketu on the other hand is the tail of the snake minus a head. It feels like a confusing, un-thinking pull of intuition and is based on past life experience. Much of the karmic lessons of Ketu involve letting-go and depending on where it falls in your chart, you will experience thematic loss.

What affect will Rahu & Ketu have on my karma?

The Lunar nodes shift backwards through the zodiac, that is, they are always in retrograde motion. They change sign every 18 months and in the true node system of Vedic astrology, we have had one such shift on the 28th November. Rahu has moved from Aries to Pisces, a spiritual water sign of brahmins located at the end of the zodiac and Ketu from Libra to diligent Virgo ruled by intelligent Mercury.

Currently Rahu sits in a portion of space given to the fourth pada of the Nakshatra Revati, which is ruled by inquisitive Mercury and the God Pushan. This is a place in space which can affect abundance and wealth in both spiritual and material plane for the better. It is a place where our truths may be realized and major transformations may occur. Pushan rules auspicious moments of time which involve deaths and re-births applicable to phases of our lives too. Pushan provides the support needed to move to the next chapter in our evolution. The illusory power of Rahu may cause confusion in understanding the best way forward and can cause us to become a little stuck, particularly in the first few degrees of Pisces where it is in gandanta or sorting through karmic knots. Trust you are not alone and you are supported moving into this next phase of soulful evolution.

Ketu is located in the portion of space attributed to the nakshatra Chitra in the earth sign Virgo. Chitra is ruled by the celestial architect and Mars which lends us courage and motivation. Here we have access to the secrets of our purpose and the urge to engage and build within the material plane. It may cause us to be overly analytical and perfectionist as is true to Virgo natives and this may be at the expense of enjoying the moment. Thankfully Venus has just moved from Virgo, a place of debilitation, to Libra where she operates with power and may assist with healing relationship, diplomacy and enjoying the comforts of engagement with others.

For a more accurate report on Rahu and Ketu and how they are affecting your karma specifically, an analysis of your birth chart is necessary. Saoirse will be taking these readings soon .

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