Access ALL Hatha Flow & Yin & Tonic 4-week Course 30 November -23 December


Mixed-Level, dynamic hatha flow yoga Course

& Yin and Tonic Course


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Access ALL routine Hatha Flow and Yin and Tonic classes during a four-week course. Classes include: Mixed-Level, dynamic and energizing hatha flow yoga and Yin and Tonic Yoga is a mixed-Level, slow-paced, mindful yoga practice Classes are currently on Zoom and if  you miss one, take it on YouTube anytime during the course If you are interested in finding out more about classes at Warrior Yoga Sligo click here  or if you would like to contact me to discuss  any queries you have about hatha flow yoga click here Please read the attached disclaimer form before class. By joining Warrior Yoga Sligo’s practice via Zoom you are agreeing to the content of the attached disclaimer. *Yoga is for everyone. However, when online it is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready for the class that they have chosen. If you suffer from a specific injury or are managing a condition it is your responsibility to consider whether or not this practice is right for you. If you are in any doubt of your suitability to do yoga, please contact your doctor and ask for advice. *

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