The New Moon takes place on Sunday 10th March at 9am in the Nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada and the sign of Aquarius. This sets the theme for the next fortnight leading up to the Lunar eclipse on the 25th of March. Purva Bhadrapada is otherwise known as the front legs of the funeral cot and can symbolize death and re-birth and enables us to see our karmic reality a little more clearly so we can move through it and perhaps cut-out what is holding us back. It is ruled by Jupiter, a benefic planet which can provide lessons in our journey to self-realization. At the time of the New Moon, we are in a state of emptiness, where the elements of being, sensing and interacting are shed and we can turn inwards to a deep state of receptiveness. Now is the time to formulate a plan to release patterns and junk that is holding us in the past and choose to transmute that energy into nourishment going forwards.  Amavysa or the New Moon is a time when our connection to the ancestors is at it’s zenith so this is a good time to ask how best to move forward and perhaps release generational patterns and traumas holding you back for the benefit of all. This New Moon takes place in the air sign, Aquarius which supports humanitarian works and works for the greater good. It is also a sign of technological innovation. Sunday is the Vara ruled by the Sun and supports forward planning and ceremonial practice which can assist the grounding of intention into the material plane.

At this time, rational Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, which can enhance our powers of intuition at the expense of reasoning, so trust that feelings of confusion arising may be due to a felt sense of discombobulation affected by the planetary position and not of our own making.  Note too that the New Moon is hemmed in by two malefics Mars which can bring irrational anger, resentment and tantrums and Saturn which can create feelings of fear, stress, overwhelm but can also assist with focus and discipline. Be patient, this fortnight leading up to the lunar eclipse are time to be present, empty out the trash, learn from your experiences and take another step forward into your true potential trusting yourself and the Universe has got your back.