In Vedic Astrology, the New Moon on the 16th August 2023 at 10:38am aligns with the mystical nakshatra(star) of Ashlesha, also known as the clinging star, in a state of Gandanta, a portal of sorts, which supports the release of karmic knots with the ultimate aim of growth and transformation. This is an opportunity to harness the energy from the profound and ancient wisdom of the Nagas or serpents, which are revered and typically symbolised coiling up the shaft of a sword. These serpents have the capacity for great healing or poison as they embrace the sharp edge of life. See #vedicastrologysligo www.

Both the Sun (the self) and the New Moon (the mind) are in Gandanta and occur in the final degrees of Cancer which concern the home, homeland, security and rules the chest and the preliminary degrees of Leo which governs leaders, vitality, the heart and spine. Uranus is at play at this time and sudden changes/healing/ opportunities/ electrical activity is possible.

New Moon is a time to set seed to new projects, new perceptions and ways of existing. This is a deeply alchemical opportunity to heal and transform but be careful what you wish for, what you focus on grows. Perhaps you feel or perceive the incoming energy as fear and uncertainty and that you are on the “edge” of that sword. This is an opportunity to change how you perceive this fear, to lean into it and choose to adopt a new way of resonating with it. Find courage as we move into Leo, the energy is there, we just have to tune into it and harness it’s powers for healing and transformation. See