In Vedic Astrology, the New Moon occurs on 12th December 2023 and sits uncomfortably in Scorpio in the Nakshatra of Jyestha, sandwiched between a combust Mars and the Sun.

Where is the Moon and what’s the theme?

The Moon which symbolises the mind is debilitated in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. The influence of a combust Mars makes for a challenging lunar transit bringing surly, bad-tempered frustrations and resentment to the surface often sparked by jealousy. Be wary of Jyestha as she is known as the big sister, but she has a calculating ability to manipulate and be vengeful so be aware of this tendency in yourself or others so you don’t do or say something reactive which you might regret later. Instead, aspire to Jyestha’s lofty quality of respectability.

Sun moves to Sagittarius with Retrograde Mercury:

The Sun, which can represent our ego, our father, our leaders, is also in Jyestha and aspected by Saturn giving a feeling of pressure or stress. It is moving in gandanta towards Sagittarius on the 16th. Secrets and manipulations from those in power may be felt and revealed. Optimistic Sagittarius is a busy area in the coming weeks. Mercury, the planet of travel, communication, understanding goes retrograde this week in the adventurous sign, Sagittarius from the 14th for roughly 25 days. It’s a time to double-check your information, who you are sending that message to and ensuring you hit a clear tone to avoid misunderstandings. Travel disruptions and unexpected changes may occur to plans.

Karmically how will it affect us?

This is particularly significant as Mercury and Jupiter are the karma controlling planets at this time, so these effects may be significant and karmic in nature and as they occur in the potentially religious fanatical and dogmatic Sagittarius, caution is advised, particularly when travelling or in the area of communications.

The karmic node Ketu is once again bringing up matters of the environment, health and service to others in Virgo. Rahu in Pisces may bring issues with religious fanaticism and unreasonable, idealistic views. It can support spinning out of control with drugs and alcohol too.

Blessings of the Season:

On the bright side, Venus, the planet of lovers, happiness, beauty, comfort and diplomacy is Mooltrikona (in high power) in Libra which assists in public relations and that feel good feeling for the season we are enjoying here.

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