The Moon takes place today in Sagittarius in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashada. This first New Moon following the Winter solstice rings in the actual new year. The darkness at this point of pure potential gives us pause to really check-in and define our intention for the coming year, but more specifically the theme for the next two weeks until full Moon is reached is one of commitment and devotion. What are you devoted to? The fiery Sagittarius supports our intentions and the sign exchange of Jupiter and Mars lends us motivation and an ability to create BIG. Mercury has just gone direct and we can now get really clear on our direction and how to communicate and initiate it.
Purva Ashada is ruled by watery Venus and Apas the deity of water. Water is purifying and lends us the ability to flow around obstacles in our path. It holds the frequency of intention and the alchemy of both fire and water enables utter transformation, so step into the flow. The lack of confidence which may come with the Moon in this portion of the sky is only temporary, ensure you have the support you need around you, Dream Big and you will succeed.
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