The Full Moon on the 28th October sees a lunar eclipse in Aries in the nakshatra of Ashwini, ruled by the celestial physicians. This symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle for the individual and comes in advance of the massive shift of the karmic axis for all of us on the 30th October. The last 18 months have had specific karmic themes and if you can think back to what you were dealing with in April and May in the eclipse season earlier this year, there may be a resurgence of similar energies and stories.

This is a time with huge potential for healing and shift with the possibility of past life karmic healing. It brings together the past, the future, night and day into a boiling pot of healing energy. This is a potent time for ceremony and spiritual practice. The strength provided from Ashwini, whose symbol is a horse, will assist moving forward. Clear intention for ourselves is essential so we can progress unhindered.

The presence of Uranus can make this an unpredictable and unstable time however so tread carefully. Please be mindful particularly in relationship at a personal and global level as the Sun, currently in Libra, is debilitated, giving a lack of confidence and disempowerment to leaders around the World. It is accompanied by Mars and Mercury, which are both combust making it a time of angry miscommunication, resentment and creating an inability to compromise in relationship at both the micro and macro- level. Eclipse energy hangs around for a few weeks before and after the event so take this time of realignment of lunar, solar and earth energies and use it to your benefit as the architect of your own destiny.