The full Moon in Taurus on the 27th November takes place in the Nakshatra Rohini. Rohini is one of the Moon’s favourite and most beautiful wives. (Yes, in the Vedic system, the Moon is male and he had 27 wives). Rohini is ruled by the Moon and the Creator of the Universe, Brachma. For the next fortnight, we have a theme celebrating beauty and creativity, creature comforts and the finer things and a focus on how we may create our lives going forward, adding a pinch of beauty, a drop of luxury, a dollop of creative imagination to create an elixir of joy.

From this stable, supportive fixed earth sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, there is room to expand in whichever direction we see fit. At this full Moon, the Sun sits opposite in Scorpio, the intense and passionate ruler of the reproductive organs, the seat of creation, supporting this opportunity to give birth to our desires. Mindful though that Venus is currently debilitated in Virgo and this Moon is aspected by a frustrated Mars in it’s own Scorpio, creating potential for some intense exchange. So be sure to include others in your plans, take them with you on the journey and enjoy the material pleasures of this plane of existence.

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