Full Moon falls on 1 August at 19:32 in the nakshatra of Shravana in Capricorn #fullmoonforecast

This super full moon has been building for the last two weeks from a focus on the home, security, the homeland, the mother and nourishment in goal-orientated Punavarsu, where we begin a new chapter buoyed by its renewed energy. Take time to listen to any whispers of direction and guidance to help you get really clear on your goals. You will find the sweet spot when you feel a resonance in the heart. This will help you stand confidently in your intention going forward and take purposeful action towards your goals. These goals likely involve wealth creation, financial matters and practicalities in life and Capricorn supports practical matters as it has ambitious, responsible and practical qualities and represents the knees and joints which support and carry us forward with direction. See website for information on one-to-one www.warrioryogasligo.com and www.instagram.com/sligowarrioryoga/

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