The first full Moon of 2024 takes place on the 25th January at 17:54 in the nakshatra of Pushya. The Moon will be in Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn. This location reflects the need to balance between grounded earth and emotional water energies. Nurturing Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Pushya falls fully within the sign. Symbolized by a cow’s udder, Pushya is ruled by disciplined Saturn and devotional Brihaspati, the guru to the Gods.
The focus here is one of growth more fully into what you are devoted to. The Moon is supported by Capricorn in materializing our goals. now is a great time to study a new philosophy and embrace new teachings. Pushya flows towards dharma, our life’s true purpose and we may get a glimpse of that at this time. There is work to be done to achieve these goals and diligent and responsible Saturn supports us in our endeavours.
The stellium of planets in fiery Sagittarius includes Mercury, Mars and Venus show activity in the 9th house of teachers, ethics, morality and justice. Mars and Venus at loggerheads with passionate and heated exchanges reflecting the theme of war and peace around the World. Mars also shows motivation to learn with new teachers.
When Mars moves into Capricorn to accompany the Sun in early February, there will be increased frustrations with leaders and governments and potential for volatile exchanges. there is a strong focus developing on leaderships.
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