The World is changing and our lives reflect the chaos necessary to re-build and move forward in our evolution as a race. The movement of the planets, the impact is felt on a global and personal level is best summarized:  As above- So below.

The full Moon eclipse occurs at 7am on the 25th March in Hasta nakshatra in Virgo is another stepping stone on the process of evolution. The lunar eclipse is a time of karmic matters arising in intensity and may be felt for several months either side of the eclipse.

The theme brought about by this eclipse is strongly influenced by the portion of space in which it occurs. This place is called Hasta nakshatra and is ruled by the Moon and symbolized by a hand which represents our ability to manifest our own reality through the mind. Virgo is an earth sign and with the earth, we create on this material plane. Savitar is the deity of this portion of space. He is the Sun God invoked in the most sacred Vedic mantra, the Gayatri mantra, to illuminate our consciousness with wisdom. Moving through our personal karma with grace and integrating the wisdom of lessons learned is key to our personal growth and evolution. Virgo is the sign of service but also perfectionism. Now is the time to be clear on how we conduct our lives.

The Sun is located directly opposite the Moon, which reflects its light at the eclipse. It is located in Pisces within Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra which is ruled by Saturn. Pisces is a water sign of dreamers and escapism but it can help us creatively manifest our future goals to assist in our personal evolution.  Saturn is in a strong position in Aquarius and currently playing havoc in relationships at personal, community and governmental level, putting pressure on leaders and spreading fear. The diplomacy of Venus is being tested by vengeful Mars. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which has the natural expansive energies but with excess energy, may give rise to religious zealotry, fanaticism and greed.

Mercury is currently debilitated in Pisces and is going retrograde on the 25th which creates miscommunication, confusion, irrational disruptions and can affect travel plans and technology.  It’s time to be clear with your objectives. This is important as Virgo is ruled by Mercury so be wary of issues arising, particularly with communication at this time.  Saturn is unwrapping our karma by revealing challenging truths. This energy is very potent at this time and Saturn can give us focus and discipline to persevere.

The movement of the planets is mirrored in our physical bodies which communicate to us through sensation. So how we utilize the energy surrounding us to manifest our lives impacts our physicality at the gross level. What we sow we reap in other words.

The presence of the Sun gives a power surge to the element of water which rules Pisces. Water in excess may create a feeling of bloating, sluggishness, pain and may exacerbate addictive tendencies borne out of the need to escape. Pisces rules the feet and issues around feet may arise, particularly of a neurological manner. The north node in Pisces can create issues with lymphatics. There is an abundance of solar flare activity at the present time and this is knocking out communication towers in parts of the World. This indicates an enhanced debilitation of Mercurial energies at this time.  This may impact upon the nervous system. Deficiency of earth element in Virgo may create symptoms of weak bones, coldness, ungroundedness and nervousness.

Chaos is a natural part of the process of creation enabling coherence at a higher frequency of existence. The higher the stakes the greater the opportunity for growth so step-up and be counted.

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