Sound Baths & Yoga Classes

New classes and workshops will be advertised here and on my Facebook page. Send me your details if you would like to be added to my contacts list for further information. If you are interested in organising a new class in your premises or elsewhere, please contact me to discuss.

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Sound Bath

This ancient and powerful practice targets various frequencies and assists the body, mind and soul find re-calibration to optimal state of health. This re-calibration of vibration is deeply restorative and can help with emotional release, stress, sleep disorders for instance.
The sound bath includes breathwork and light somatic movement to find a place of ease, then led relaxation, voice and healing sound intervals. Sound instruments utilized in the creation of a soundscape include the voice, crystal song bowls, Tibetan song bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoo, gongs and drum. 


20 euro



Yin & Tonic

Mixed level. Deliciously slow, meditative and therapeutic practice working deep into the body and mind to release tensions and promote health and self-care from the inside out. Concludes with a sound -led meditation for deep rest. Props required: bolsters/pillows, blocks, blanket and belt.

Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm
From TBC

4 weeks 55 euro

Drop-in by prior arrangement 20 euro