Yoga Class Descriptions



Restorative yoga is a slow and therapeutic form of yoga whereby the body is placed in supported poses for several minutes using props such as blocks, pillows, bolsters and belts. Restorative and somatic poses are designed to enable the Yogi to relax and unwind and practice stillness in a calm and safe environment. The biochemical feedback from these poses enable the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to aid healing and restoration of body/ mind and energy body.

Yin Yoga and Yin & Tonic

Yin Yoga is a deliciously slow and deep form of practice which is ideal for everybody but particularly those with less ease in the joints. Yin Yoga nurtures the deep connective and myofascial tissues, so it is also ideal for athletes too. It works into the organs addressing imbalances via stimulation of the meridians and permits the smooth flow of life-giving Qi in the practitioner. Yin practice is meditative and uses both pranayama and mindful techniques to ease stress and heal body and mind. Restorative yoga beautifully compliments Yin in its deeply restful and supportive action promoting relaxation and healing. The practice concludes with a sound-led relaxation

Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga)

Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative and powerful form of yoga. Ideal for those suffering from stressful lives, exhaustion and insomnia. It is a powerful and meditative practice whereby the Yogi is led on a rotation of consciousness through the physical body and onward to a mindfulness practice following the flow of breath in the body. Nurturing, healing visualisations align body with mind and are used to gain access to the unfolding of the unconscious mind to enable restfulness, healing and total relaxation. Saoirse has designed a unique fusion of Restorative yoga combined with Yoga Nidra for blissful relaxation. Yogis are asked to bring a pillow and blanket to these classes to further enhance their own comfort.

Metta Morph: Yoga for your changing body

Well, I can’t resist a play on names and really Metta is loving kindness. Metta Morph is a yoga practice of loving kindness directed at ourselves via an embodied practice. Moving through yoga asana(poses) and techniques of breath control in a mindful approach with a view to developing better interoception, better knowing on a fundamental level of what our body’s needs are on any given day and learning to honour that. Morph describes the physical form we inhabit, the form that Metamorphoses (changes) as we grow and age and experience this life. Metta Morph is a yoga practice that does not seek to achieve the external aesthetic but rather a practice of deep self-care to nourish and support ourselves from the inside out. We use a fusion of Mindfulness, Yin and Universal Principles of Alignment in a largely Hatha-based practice designed to help you understand the language of sensation and feed and nourish your own prescriptive needs.


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