Upcoming Events:

Family Yoga Playshop:

11-12PM Saturday 13th August

@ Strand Celtic FC, Strandhill, Sligo


This introductory Family Yoga Playshop is suitable for big and small kids in the family from age 3+ . Family Yoga nourishes and bonds and encourages children to relax and have fun while they are developing not only strength, coordination, flexibility and balance but also body awareness, better focus, concentration and self- confidence. Kids learn best when they are having fun so in Family Yoga classes, stories, games, yoga poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and creative visualisation allow children to learn in a multi-sensory environment.


Family Yoga for a Family upto 4 people costs 14 euro. Please wear appropriate clothing :)..& Pre-Booking is Essential!!

Yoga for Swimmers & Surfers:

7:15-8:30PM Wednesday 10th August

@ Strand Celtic FC, Strandhill, Sligo





Yoga for Low Back & Hip Release:

7:30-9:30PM Friday 19th August


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Family Yoga Playshop:

11-12PM Saturday 10th September

Partner Yoga & Introduction to Acroyoga Playshop:

10-12PM Sunday 19th February

@ Ardnahoo Yoga School, Dromahair, Leitrim


Embrace your fun-loving side and delve into the art of partner yoga followed by an introduction into Acroyoga techniques  and tricks such as bone stacking and counterbalance which bring you to a final therapeutic flying crescendo. This fear-embracing workshop is not for the faint-hearted. It is injected with fun, laughter and bundles of positive energy- So come join the Yoga Party at Ardnahoo!!


WinterWorkshop: Pause for Peace

10:30-12:30PM 9th December @ Moon Hill Lodge, Knocknarea





WinterWorkshop II: Love Your Liver

10:30-12:30 30th December (FULL)

10:30-12:30 31st December(FULL)

@ Moon Hill Lodge, Knocknarea


Courage to Connect to the Present: A Backbend Workshop

10-12PM  Sat 3rd February 2018

@ Moon Hill Lodge, Knocknarea




Shoulder Therapy: Yoga for Self Care

10:30-12:30PM Sat 17th February 2018

Yoga Shack Boyle.


Shoulder Therapy, Myofascial Release & Yoga for Self Care

7-9PM Friday 27th April 2018

Learn some self-care techniques where we concentrate on both the neck and shoulder. Releasing trigger points in the traps, rhomboids, serratus anterior, delts and other muscles in the rotator cuff using therapy balls and yoga asanas. The practice will include some breathwork and mantra to deepen awareness and facilitate release of tension and will conclude in a deep relaxation to send you on your way feeling refreshed. That’s a great way to ease into the weekend…Suits all levels.

Get Your Bounce Back: Myofascial Release with Yoga Self Care for your feet, calves, hamstrings, quads and hips Friday 25th May  7-9PM.

Have any issues with your hips or legs which are keeping you from enjoying getting out there and active? Maybe you are walking/ running and cycling and things are starting to tighten-up making the going a little “uncomfortable”?

Learn some self-care techniques using yoga poses and props such as blocks and therapy balls where we concentrate on the lower body from the feet to the hips and everything in between releasing trigger points, re-balancing the muscles and increasing mobility in the lower body. The practice will include some breathwork to deepen awareness and facilitate release of tension and will conclude in a deep relaxation to send you on your way feeling refreshed. That’s a great way to ease into the weekend…

Restoratives Nov 18

Monthly Restoratives & Sleep Yoga (Yoga Nidra) by Candelight

7-9PM Friday 8 Nov 2019

Cost 25 euro

Restorative yoga is a slow and therapeutic form of yoga whereby the body is placed in supported poses for several minutes using props such as blocks, pillows, bolsters and belts. Restorative and somatic poses are designed to enable the Yogi to relax and unwind. Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative and powerful form of yoga. Ideal for those suffering from stressful lives, exhaustion and insomnia.  It is a powerful and meditative practice whereby the Yogi is led on a rotation of consciousness through the physical body and onward to a mindfulness practice following the flow of breath in the body.  Nurturing, healing visualisations align body with mind and are used to gain access to the unfolding of the unconscious mind to enable restfulness, healing and total relaxation


Monthly Rollease & Restore

7-8:30PM Friday 22 Nov 2019

18 euro.


Fluff up your tired muscles, release tension in your body & re-boot your mind. Using Yoga Therapy balls for self massage followed by complete relaxation with supported Restorative Yoga poses