Welcome to my Blog: Here I talk about yoga as it relates to me and my experience and perspective as a yogi and student of life. I welcome response as I report on my weird and wonderful experience  on this journey....Namaste

By Saoirse O'Donoghue Warrior Yoga, May 16 2017 02:16PM

I am so happy to announce the opening of my newly built home yoga studio on Knocknarea in Sligo. Located only 5 minutes from Strandhill and Sligo town by car, this welcoming space offers a comfortable and calm atmosphere with stunning views over the Sligo countryside.

The yoga studio caters for small class groups enabling me to give you more classes, more individual attention and providing a soulfull and enjoyable experience. Join me in the mindful practice of alignment- based yoga . Details of upcoming classes and timetables to come soon and may be found both on my website and on my FB page Send me your contact details for further information on upcoming offers and classes.

I will be offering some special opening rates for Summer courses and if you have a small group interested in undertaking a course- please contact me on fb, through my website or on 087 6141639

By Saoirse O'Donoghue Warrior Yoga, Aug 25 2016 07:03PM

So...let's 'fess-up, we all suffer from stress right? That's why I got into Yoga in the first place. I have found so many tools in my practice to help manage not only stress but the exhaustion and sense of overwhelm that accompanies stressful times in life.

I came upon Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga) a while back and found that being led through a deep relaxation and visualisation was very useful particulalry when I couldn't make my thoughts settle and still on my own. I found the impacts of this practice profoundly effective and I still have it as my go-to practice in my yoga toolbox when I need to chill badly, or even just get back to sleep...I've heard that it'seffects are equivalent to a good four hours restful sleep on the body not to mention the benefits to the mind. It certainly has helped me.

So I have researched it tirelessly as part of my training and now I teach it. I post my own versions of Yoga Nidra on Soundcloud for anyone to use for their personal practice I would love to hear your feedback.

Yoga Nidra promotes deep rest for the body and mind and pervades not only these layers of being but also the subtle energy bodies. There are many different versions. So you know what to expect, it can be structured as follows: relaxation, setting an intention, rotation of consiousness through the body, breath awareness, visualisation, observance of the mind and finish.

It's profound effects stretch to aid in re-programming the brain to assist in developing coping mechanisms and release emotional behavioural patterns we have developed over the years called Vasana and perhaps in previous lifetimes called Samskaras. When the mind is deeply relaxed, it is in a more receptive state and open to positive suggestion and conditioning. In addition, the nervous system enters into a parasympathetic state and the body begins to heal and develop resilience. More than anything, it helps us to discover how to just "Be" with less of the headless chicken behaviour associated with our frenetic lfestyles.


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